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From cooking to cocktail hour, Big Cove Foods focus is to create a product that brings excitement back to your kitchens. Your evenings at home never sounded so good!


As they constantly experiment with these products, you can always find something new and delicious to try out when you visit their recipe blog. With tons of idea's from easy to more intricate, they make it easy to learn how convenient these products will be in you kitchens.


Life gets busy, don't forget to eat.

-   ABOUT US  -

In 2012, we came out to Nova Scotia to take a break from our lives in Toronto. One month we said. Five years later, we are still in love with the people and beauty that is Nova Scotia.

We started growing our own vegetables and tapping maple trees, while Dave worked at his relatives meat shop to learn different cuts of meat. Living in the country has provided opportunities that living in the city just doesn't have, the farm house country living inspired us to dig down to the basics and make things from scratch.

When we planned to start selling our vegetables and maple syrup at the New Glasgow Farmers Market, it was early on in the season and realized we didn't have as many vegetables as we hoped for. So to make for a fuller looking table, we baked cookies and the famous Salted Caramel was born. The snow ball effect took place from there as that slowly grew into developing different preserves and spice blends - products you can bring home to your kitchens and enjoy.

Loving Nova Scotia and all that it provides, we bring you as much local ingredients as possible, some even grown directly from the land. When it comes to Dave's spice blends, he uses great local ingredients and the best herbs and spices from around the world.

Big Cove Foods driving force is to provide you with a product that will spark creativity in your own kitchen as moving to the country has done for us. Whether it is on the stove or in a cocktail glass, we provide you with a great quality product worthy of your kitchen. #dontforgettoeat


Photo credit: Amanda Jess - NG News