‘Just Add A Pouch’

Just Add a Pouch

‘Just Add a Pouch’

I know what you’re thinking, how did we come up with such a riveting name! It’s a simple name for a simple plan to simply give back.

We feel incredibly fortunate and grateful for the overwhelming support we receive each day from our community and our province. As we continue to explore new ways to give back, the ‘Just Add a Pouch’ is a start, and the beginning of a bigger picture.

Each week, we have been developing a special recipe called “The Market Dinner Project” – featuring as much local ingredients as we can find to inspire our dish. Every time you buy that featured spice blend pouch, we will donate 10% of sale on that features pouch to our monthly charity.

July’s Donations will go to

Feed Nova Scotia

This Weeks Market Dinner Project

Ancient Chinese Secret


on Ancient Chinese Secret Pouch size will go to this months Charity.

Grilled Vegetable + Sausage Quesadillas
Taco Enhancer


on Taco Enhancer Pouch size will go to this months Charity.

Hot Jerk BBQ Spare Ribs
Hot Jerk spice blend



on Hot Jerk Pouch size will go to this months Charity.