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Top 11 Recipes from 2018

January 3, 2019

A lot of delicious recipes came out 2018, what a year! We've round up our top 11, in no particular order, for you. Enjoy!


Thirsty Mango

This mocktail became a summer favourite of 2018! Full of flavour, and versatile for the both the drinkers and non drinkers. A winner in our books!

Big Cove Whiskey Sour

Love this picture! not as much as I'd like to whip one of these up as I write this. *hhmmmm* what time is it?

Egyptian Summer Eggplant Rigatoni


Egyptian Summer - Bringing pasta to the next level!

Farro Salad with Lime Chili Coriander

The shrubs are so dang good in drinks, sometimes we forget how amazing they are in salads and vegetables too!

Asian Pear and Blue Cheese Salad with Apple Shrub

Salads can be so good! so so good, especially with cheese. Try this one!

Triple Wood Smoked Prime Rib 

I'm not sure if this one even needs a blurb. Egyptian Summer spice blend loves roast beef. #hearteyes
Bonus! Don't forget the Lime Chili Chimichurri!

Moms the Word

If it still feels like the holidays, does that mean we can still have brunch cocktails?

Spicy Mango Shrub Salsa


Bright & Vibrant! Just like your 2019 is going to be! 

Smoked Beef Sandwich with Espresso Jus

Remember that Roast Beef recipe a few posts above, this is it's greatest masterpiece!

Brilliant Baby Bok Choy Sous Vide Style

2019 - the year we got a sous vide. 

Crunchy Maple Mustard Chicken 


Crunchy maple-y chicken! The perfect spice to pair with breadcrumbs! 


Thank you for sharing in our year of cooking! For January 2019, use promo code HAPPY2019 at checkout for 20% off!



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